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Gasteria glomerata 'Ox Tongue'


Very thick leaves emerge in opposing pairs that stack one atop the other, lending Gasteria ‘Ox Tongue’ an exceptionally unique appearance. The shape of the leaves themselves is what gives the plant its common name – and each leaf features a dusty green hue with speckling which adds a matte texture that is relatively uncommon amongst succulents. The leaves can blush to maroon with ample light exposure, and produce offsets freely from the base of the 5-inch tall parent plant, making ‘Ox Tongue’ an intriguing addition to any sunny windowsill, container arrangement, or temperature rock garden.

Like most Gasteria varieties, ‘Ox Tongue’ can tolerate light shade, making it a superior specimen for indoor locations. Having adapted to the dry summers of its native South Africa, what this special plant cannot tolerate, however, is overwatering. To avoid this fate, and the associated rot and pests, be sure to utilize a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot, ensure ample airflow around the soil surface, and employ a thorough but infrequent watering routine – the ‘soak and dry’ method is particularly successful in this instance.

During the winter months, take care to shield the otherwise-hardy ‘Ox Tongue’ from freezing temperatures – and expect the warming weather of spring and summer to give way to stalks of tubular, coral-hued blooms!

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