Notocactus haselbergii 'Scarlet Crown'

Size: 2.5"

Notocactus haselbergii 'Scarlet Crown', a slow-growing, broad cactus will begin its life as a slightly flattened, round stem replete with tiny white areoles and short, white spines. As the plant matures, it can reach up to 15 inches high and nearly twice as wide – and earns its name from the singular, bright red bloom that will emerge at the apex of the stem during the summer months!

Unlike many other cacti, ‘Scarlet Crown’ prefers to be shielded from the hottest afternoon sun, favoring bright morning light with partial shade later in the day. This preference makes this variety especially well suited to thriving in our homes, where the lighting is inherently dimmer – great news for cactus lovers who may not have south or west-facing windows in their houses! Beyond this, its needs are fairly typical for a succulent, with thorough yet infrequent watering being key. A porous soil mix within a well-draining pot, along with ample airflow around the stem and soil surface, will round out ‘Scarlet Crown’s care routine.

Not particularly cold hardy, ‘Scarlet Crown’ prefers temperatures above 50 degrees, making it best suited to life as a houseplant in all but the warmest of climates.

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