Mammillaria 'Old Lady Cactus'


Though often a solitary grower,  Mammillaria ‘Old Lady Cactus’ can form clusters of rounded stems that sometimes appear slightly flattened across the top, thus creating a low mound of bluish green color offset by wispy white hairs, light brown spines, and white tufted areoles. Adding yet another layer of impact, during the spring and summer months magenta blooms will tightly ring the upper third of the cactus. Reaching up to 10 inches tall and 20 inches wide at maturity, ‘Old Lady Cactus’ is a slow-grower that will reward consistent, largely hands off care with a long-lived, high impact specimen sure to lend a pop of whimsy to any succulent and cacti collection.

A native to the arid landscapes of Mexico, ‘Old Lady Cactus’ prefers a degree of neglect to coddling, making it an exceptional variety for beginner growers. Bright to direct sunlight will ensure the best growth, while a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot will protect against issues such as rot. Further, a thorough but infrequent watering routine, such as the ‘soak and dry’ method, will help to replicate the environmental conditions to which ‘Old Lady Cactus’ has adapted, setting you up for success!

While ‘Old Lady Cactus’ is not hardy to heavy frosts, it does bloom best in the springtime when it is subjected to a period of cool, but not freezing, temperatures during the winter months – in the range of 45-55 degree is ideal, though not strictly necessary for the plant to thrive and grow.