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Mammillaria elongata 'Copper King'


Readily producing a ring of offsets from around its 6 inch tall central stem, Mammillaria elongata 'Copper King' sports a bright green base coloration, with rings of creamy tan and orangey copper spines emerging from the peak of the conical tubercles that typify the Mammillariagenus. The gradient of color in the spines creates a hazy effect along the stems, making them seem to glow with golden hour light at all times of the day!

To encourage a proliferation of creamy yellow blooms during the springtime, and to encourage the best possible growth, be sure to provide ‘Copper King’ with plenty of full sun. Like all cacti, this cultivar prefers periods of dryness to avoid issues such as rot, which can be accomplished through a thorough but infrequent watering routine. As further insurance against excess moisture, also be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, and ensure ample airflow around the stem and soil surface.

Though a vernalization period, or stretch of cooler temperatures, during the winter months can help induce spring flowers, take note that ‘cool’ does not mean ‘cold’ – for ‘Copper King’ cannot tolerate freezing conditions without incurring damage to its stunning stems!

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