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Echinobiva 'Rainbow Bursts'


With a rounded, ribbed growth form, featuring clusters of furry spines at intervals down each rib, the rich green coloration of Echinobiva ‘Rainbow Bursts’ is not the source of its name – instead, this cactus is named for the brilliant display of colorful flowers it produces during the peak of the warm growing season! A copious offsetter, the parent plant is often surrounded by a ring of small ‘pups,’ which can be left in place or removed with a sharp knife, allowed to callus over, and replanted in their own pot or corner of the temperate rock garden.

Like many cacti, ‘Rainbow Bursts’ thrives when provided with plenty of bright sunlight – which will both encourage uniform growth and allow for the most dazzling display of blooms. Beyond this, the most crucial component of this plant’s care is to avoid overwatering, which will quickly cause the plant to succumb to rot. As such, be sure to provide ‘Rainbow Bursts’ with a porous soil mixture within a rapidly draining pot, ensure ample airflow around the soil surface, and water deeply but infrequently, giving the soil a chance to completely dry in between drinks.

During the winter months, take measures to protect ‘Rainbow Bursts’ from frost, which could otherwise lead to permanent damage to the plant and its offsets.

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