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Titanopsis calcarea 'Jewel Plant'


Titanopsis calcarea 'Jewel Plant', also known as the ‘Concrete Leaf’ plant because of its rugged leaf texture, this variety’s blue, club-shaped leaves form loose rosettes, topped with warty growths (called tubercles) that resemble the rough surface of concrete. This mimicry adaptation camouflages the ‘Jewel Plant’ so well in its native South African habitat, that it is often only visible when its large, bright yellow flowers are in bloom! As an added bonus, the flowers, which only open in the evening hours, are scented of honey. Growing to a maximum of 3 inches tall and forming a mat of foliage as the plant develops, this succulent is a unique addition to arrangements, or can be used alone as a specimen plant on a sunny windowsill.

Titanopsis calcarea ‘Jewel Plant’ requires bright sun, such as from a south-facing window. Adapted to the rocky deserts of its natural environment, it does well when watered using the “soak and dry” method. As it enters a state of dormancy in the summer months, it is especially important not to overwater during that time. Very porous soil, such as cactus mix with added course sand or pumice, will help to ward off rot, as will excellent ventilation around the leaves. Hardy only to Zone 10, ‘Jewel Plant’ must be protected from hard frosts.

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