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Echeveria 'Ramillette'


A stunning variety created by renowned succulent hybridizer Dick Wright, Echeveria 'Ramillette' features fleshy apple green leaves with red tips and margins, which makes for a perfectly contrasting, nearly symmetrical looking rosette. While cool temperatures can ‘stress’ the leaves into even deeper shades of red and green, it is important to note that these plants are only hardy to Zone 9, and need to be protected from frost. With a dense clumping habit, the 4-inch wide rosettes of ‘Ramillette’ make the perfect addition to both planters and rock gardens.

Like many Echeveria, 'Ramillette' requires bright light to avoid etiolating, or stretching, as well as ample airflow to ward off pests and rot. Porous soil with adequate drainage will keep ‘Ramillette’s roots happy, but be careful to avoid overwatering and never pour water directly into the rosette. The ‘soak and dry’ method, making sure to water until the excess flows from the bottom of the pot, will prove more than sufficient.

When provided with adequate light and growing conditions, ‘Ramillette’ will reward you with yellowish-orange blooms in early spring, which will emerge above the rosette on long flower stalks.

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