Sempervivum 'Reinhardt'


Long, apple green leaves curve towards a point at the tip, where deep, nearly black maroon accenting provides a stunning contrast on Sempervivum 'Reinhardt'. Cilia on the leaves create a fuzzy aesthetic, and when subjected to cool temperatures and bright sunlight, the deep hues on the tips of ‘Reinhardt’ will extend further into the leaves for a truly stunning rosette up to 4 inches in width.

With ample bright sunlight, ‘Reinhardt’ will form a large clump of color and texture well suited to both container plantings, included vertical applications such as ‘living walls,’ or direct planting in the native soil in rock gardens down to a brisk Zone 5. Like most succulents, excess moisture can subject this specimen to rot, so be sure to plant in a porous, well-draining substrate and water thoroughly yet infrequently – increasing the frequency of watering in the summer months, if ‘Reinhardt’ is subjected to direct sun in temperatures above 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

When contented, ‘Reinhardt’ will produce pink blooms during its spring and summer growing season, contrasting sharply with the bright green and dark maroon of the leaves.

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