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Lithops aucampiae


Lithops aucampiae 'Living Stones' are small, brownish, rock-like succulent plants that get up to 2 inches tall (with most of the plant living underground). They begin to form clusters of very thick, fleshy leaves as they age and are perfect as house plants.

Lithops' window-like tops allow light into the rest of the plant, so give them plenty of bright light. Lithops can be tricky when it comes to water – be sure the soil does not stay wet for long when watering spring through fall months and stop watering in winter months. Flowers and old leaves will begin to fade and shrivel at the end of fall months, queuing you to stop watering. Don't resume watering until spring! Lithops hold a ton of moisture in their thick leaves, so they'll survive. Watering during this time will only put them at risk of rotting. Lastly, be sure to plant your lithops in fast draining, porous soil with adequate drainage to help keep their roots dry.

    NOTE: Every 2.5" pot of lithops contains 1-3 individual plants depending on size.

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