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Echeveria 'Allegra'


With cupped, fleshy leaves in shades of soft bluish green, Echeveria ‘Allegra’ features what are known as ‘highlighted’ leaf margins, adding a contrasting shade of soft, creamy yellow to the upper edges of each rosette. With an almost ruffled appearance when viewed from above, these 6-inch specimens will add a delicate element to an arrangement or sunny windowsill, and are a must-have in any collection.

Easy to propagate and safe around pets and children, ‘Allegra’ is as simple to care for as it is beautiful. Bright sunlight is the key to maintaining its distinct coloration and compact growth form, while thorough but infrequent watering will help protect against ills such as rot. Ample airflow, a porous soil mixture, and a readily draining pot will go the rest of the way towards ensuring a thriving, healthy succulent!

During the winter months, take care to protect ‘Allegra’s chubby leaves from frost. Though in the warmth of summertime, your efforts will be rewarded with inflorescences of pink blooms, rising above each rosette.

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