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Anacampseros rufescens


Anacampseros rufescens, also known as ‘Sand Rose,’ is a particularly drought-tolerant succulent forms small, star-shaped rosettes comprised of fleshy, triangular leaves that are dark olive green in dimmer lighting conditions, but will ‘stress’ to purple in bright light. A slow-grower, this variety will eventually form dense mats of clumping foliage up to 24 inches wide, making a perfect accent for rock gardens in temperate climates, or as a ‘filler’ component of indoor succulent arrangements.

While Anacampseros rufescens can tolerate partial shade, it will display its richest coloration in bright sunlight. Ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface is crucial to stave off rot and pests, as is potting this succulent in porous soil with adequate drainage. Sensitive to overwatering, be sure to water this variety thoroughly only when the soil has become completely dry. Hardy to Zone 9, while this succulent can tolerate cooler temperatures, be sure to protect it from frost to avoid scarring the fleshy leaves.

Bright pink flowers will emerge on short stems in the late spring or early summer, which will open in the afternoon and close again by nightfall. If you have pets or small children in the home, be sure to place Anacampseros rufescens out of their reach, as its leaves and stems are considered toxic.

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