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Aloe 'Blizzard' USPP 21408


A unique, patented Aloe hybrid, ‘Blizzard’ (USPP 21408) is characterized by strong, rigid leaves covered in “brushstrokes” of bright white variegation. Considered a dwarf Aloe, reaching only 8 inches tall and wide, this variety flowers readily – even indoors – and boasts tubular, coral blooms. Combined with a penchant for offsetting freely, ‘Blizzard’ makes an intriguing addition to any succulent collection or rock garden, though it must be shielded from cold temperatures below Zone 10.

Known to be a very forgiving plant, ‘Blizzard’ requires filtered to bright light with ample airflow, which will help to protect it from succumbing to rot – a warm and sunny south-facing windowsill fits the bill perfectly, though its hardy nature means that it can still survive in less ideal lighting conditions. As with many succulents, plan to avoid overwatering by giving your Aloe a thorough drench only once the soil has become completely dry, and be mindful to pot up in porous soil with adequate drainage.

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