Sansevieria Cylindrica

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Size: 3" Pot
Exuding an exotic charm, the Sansevieria Cylindrica, also known as the African Spear plant, is an alluring succulent native to Angola. Its distinctive cylindrical leaves are an eye-catching feature, with hues of deep jade green, edged with subtle stripes of a lighter green – a truly unique display of Mother Nature's artistry. The leaves, reaching up to several feet in length, grow vertically from the base, mimicking the appearance of an upward thrusting spear. The African Spear plant grows at a moderate pace, reaching up to 2 feet in height and spreading to about a foot in width. However, offsets can potentially widen its footprint, making it an impressive feature in any indoor garden. When grown in a container, the plant forms a strikingly modern, sculptural silhouette. But when allowed to grow in a garden, it can spread to form an intriguing ground cover. A characteristic that sets the Sansevieria Cylindrica apart from other houseplants is its ability to braid its leaves. This can create a visually appealing and somewhat whimsical feature in your indoor or outdoor garden. Its tubular leaves are tough and rigid, capable of holding their shape when manipulated, allowing for creative plant styling. Another highlight of this unique succulent is its bloom. In the right conditions, the plant may surprise you with a spike of small, delicate, white flowers. These flowers are not only visually pleasing but are also pleasantly fragrant, adding a subtle scent to your home or garden. They bloom primarily in the summer months, offering an unexpected delight. The African Spear plant is more than just a visually appealing houseplant. It's also an air-purifying champion, known for its ability to filter out toxins and improve indoor air quality, a feature it shares with its other Sansevieria cousins. In terms of care, the Sansevieria Cylindrica is an easy-going plant. It's drought-tolerant and can thrive in a range of light conditions, making it a great choice for beginners or those who prefer low-maintenance plants. It's not just a plant; it's a statement piece, bringing a touch of the exotic and a sense of intrigue to any space it occupies.

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Size: 3" Pot

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