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Senecio scaposus 'Silver Coral'


With a clumping growth habit, the upright, slender leaves of Senecio scaposus ‘Silver Coral’ sport a lightly textured, matte appearance in shades of silvery green. The textured coating along the surface of the plant, which sometimes takes on a rather wooly appearance, can be damaged when handling the plant, and will not grow back – so take care when handling this intriguing variety.

Developed as an adaptation to the plant’s harsh native home of South Africa, ‘Silver Coral’s textured coating along each leaf shields the plant from damage from the direct sunlight it requires to reach its full size of 6-8 inches tall and wide. Beyond this need, its care is simple, and a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot coupled with a thorough yet infrequent watering routine will have you well on your way to success with ‘Silver Coral.’

When contented, this variety will produce yellow blooms during the summer months, with a distinctly daisy-like appearance. Conversely, during the cold months of the year ‘Silver Coral’ must be protected from freezing temperatures, as it is hardy only to Zone 10.

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