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Senecio herreianus 'String of Raindrops'


Comprised of thin stems with a clear draping habit, Senecio herreianus 'String of Raindrops' features bright green, lightly striated, oval leaves that come to a yellowish green point at the tip. Each leaf also features a translucent, slit-shaped ‘window’ that allows light to penetrate down into the depths of the plant, facilitating photosynthesis to fuel this variety’s quick growth. In bright sunlight, the stems can even boast a purplish hue, contrasting gently with the color of the leaves.

Native to the harsh landscapes of Namibia, ‘String of Raindrops’ can form trailing stems up to 12 inches in length when given ample bright sunlight, such as that afforded by a south or west-facing windowsill.  Prone to rot if exposed to dampness for any extended period of time, it is critical to utilize an extremely porous soil mixture, such as a commercial cactus mix supplemented with course sand or perlite, within a well-draining pot, and to water deeply but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry through in between. Plenty of airflow across the soil surface will also discourage rot or pests.

Hardy only to Zone 10, ‘String of Raindrops’ must be shielded from frost – and in exchange, will produce annual displays of pom-pom shaped blooms that are scented of cinnamon.

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