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Philodendron 'Dragon Tail'

$ 43.00
Size: 6" Pot
Living up to its exotic moniker, Philodendron 'Dragon Tail' is an alluring houseplant hailing from the rainforests of South America. With leaves showcasing striking hues of deep green, these are highlighted by unique elongated shapes that conjure up images of a dragon's tail – hence its name. This attractive specimen can reach an impressive height of about 6 feet, with a width to match, given the right conditions and ample time to grow. The potential to expand its impressive presence is also available through propagation, which is a simple and rewarding process with this particular species. In a large pot or container, the 'Dragon Tail' begins to create a captivating display of foliage, with leaves starting small and round, but gradually morphing into the signature arrow-like, segmented shape as they mature. The plant has an adaptive climbing habit that allows it to grow vertically when provided with a moss pole or trellis, adding a vertical dimension to its appeal. It also makes a lovely hanging plant, with its cascading vines creating a beautiful “spiller” effect. While the Philodendron 'Dragon Tail' is a robust and relatively fast grower, it can also be quite the spectacle when it comes to developing aerial roots. These fascinating structures, which resemble a network of wiry tendrils, form at the nodes and can be directed into the soil or a moss pole to promote vertical growth. To add to the already captivating show put on by its foliage, the 'Dragon Tail' may also produce inflorescences, given the right conditions. These are not your typical flowers, but rather, a spadix enclosed by a leaf-like spathe, typical of plants in the Araceae family. Although these blooms are not as common in indoor settings, when they do appear, they provide an added level of intrigue to this already fascinating houseplant. The Philodendron 'Dragon Tail' is a testament to the beauty of nature's creations, providing a touch of the tropics to your indoor spaces. Whether it's displayed in a hanging basket, climbing a moss pole, or simply sitting on a shelf, this plant is sure to command attention with its lush foliage and distinctive appearance. A truly striking addition to any plant collection, the 'Dragon Tail' is more than a houseplant – it's a statement piece.

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Size: 6" Pot

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