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Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace'


With a fast-growing habit, Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace' makes an exceptional trailing component in any succulent arrangement, or even as a standalone specimen in hanging baskets. Sometimes referred to as 'String of Rubies', the leaves of this variety are slender and oblong in shape, emerging from beautifully bright magenta stems.  During the spring and summer months, dainty yellow, daisy-like blooms, will rise above the plant on curving stalks, adding yet another layer of colorful contrast to this already exceptional variety.

Though fairly hardy by nature, ‘Ruby Necklace’ does have a few eccentricities worth noting. While it requires porous and well-draining soil like most succulents, it also prefers a wide yet shallow pot, to facilitate its natural root shape and encourage the plant to spread laterally. The volume and frequency of water required is directly related to the amount of sunlight ‘Ruby Necklace’ receives, with outdoor, full sun specimens requiring more frequent drinks than an indoor specimen receiving afternoon shade. If possible in your home or garden, do try to provide this variety with as bright a location as possible, to encourage the leaves to take on the same pink hue as the stems, instead of the more green coloration exhibited in the absence of sun stress.

Hardy only to Zone 9, it is important to shield ‘Ruby Necklace’ from anything more than a light frost.

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