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Oreocereus trollii 'Old Man of the Andes'


A gorgeous cactus specimen, Oreocereus trollii ‘Old Man of the Andes’ earns its name from the curly hairs that emerge from the areoles dotting its tall ridges at regular intervals. The long, tan spines create a gentle contrast with the rich, hunter green stems – and as the plant matures, the hairs will form a dense, wooly coating not unlike an old man’s greying beard! In the summer months, pink blooms will add to its already intriguing aesthetic, making this variety an exceptional addition to any succulent collection. 

As with most cacti, ‘Old Man of the Andes’ prefers plenty of bright sunlight – though be mindful of temperature, as this specimen does not thrive in triple digit degrees without extra watering and shelter from the hottest afternoon sun. A sunny southern or western exposure windowsill will be just the ticket, allowing this variety to reach its full height of 20 inches while also producing offsets around its base to form a small clump of color and texture!

Beyond this, a thorough yet infrequent watering routine will protect ‘Old Man of the Andes’ from issues such as rot – especially when coupled with a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot. This Argentine native can tolerate a light frost, provided it is not housed within wet soil, though it prefers temperatures in the more moderate range.

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