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Opuntia rufiada minima 'Mini Cinnamon Cactus'


Opuntia rufiada minima 'Mini Cinnamon Cactus' is a petite paddle cactus dotted with cinnamon-colored glochids, or fuzzy spike clusters, across the span of the pads. This beauty can shift colors based on light exposure, ranging in tones from a dusty green to an amethyst purple! Native to the dry Texas climate, this unique variety is also known as a miniature ‘Prickly Pear,’ and will reach only 10 inches in height at maturity.

Like most cacti, this variety prefers bright light, and requires a very porous soil mix in a pot equipped with excellent drainage. Water thoroughly but infrequently, using the ‘soak and dry’ method, and reduce the amount of water during the cooler winter months, to help avoid root rot. Further, be sure to provide your ‘Mini Cinnamon Cactus’ with excellent airflow to keep pests and fungus at bay – but avoid cold drafts, as this plant is not frost hardy.

Take care when handling ‘Mini Cinnamon Cactus,’ as the glochids can easily detach from the plant and cause eye and skin irritation. Tongs or sheets of newspaper can be useful aids in handling these prickly plants safely.

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