Euphorbia 'Tanzanian Zipper Plant'


This barrel shaped plant is so named for the pattern of striations in between its ribs, which truly do give Euphorbia 'Tanzanian Zipper Plant' the illusion of a zipper! The vibrant green base coloration also provides a stark contrast to the reddish spines growing along the top edge of each rib, making ‘Tanzanian Zipper Plant’ an exceptionally eye-catching addition to any succulent collection! Reaching a mature height of 12 inches, and with a clustering growth habit, this variety will look right at home on its own in a container, or as a striking ‘thriller’ component in an arrangement.

As indicated by its native African environment, ‘Tanzanian Zipper Plant’ prefers plenty of bright light, as well as a thorough but infrequent watering routine. Providing a porous soil mixture, well draining pot, and ample airflow around the soil surface will help protect the plant from excess moisture and its related ills, such as root rot.

During the winter months, it is important to shield the stems from frost, which could otherwise result in permanent scarring. And lastly, it is important to note that ‘Tanzanian Zipper Plant,’ like all Euphorbia, contains a toxic latex sap that can cause severe irritation both topically or if ingested. As such, it is best to keep this intriguing plant out of reach from curious children or pets.