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Echeveria setosa var. minor 'Mexican Firecracker'


Soft white hairs spread across the margins and faces of the leaves lend the pale aqua rosettes of Echeveria setosa var. minor 'Mexican Firecracker a frosted appearance that is sure to provide exceptional textural contrast within any container arrangement or rock garden. The rosettes of this variety have a relatively open growth form, and each will attain a maximum diameter of only 3 to 4 inches.

Like all brightly hued Echeveria, ‘Mexican Firecracker’ prefers bright light – and will even begin to blush pink along its margins when adequately ‘sun stressed.’ Furthermore, ample sunlight will help prevent etiolating, or stretching, of the stems, which will permanently alter the plant’s compact rosette shape. To account for the drought conditions to which this plant has adapted in its native Mexico, it is important not to overwater. To achieve this goal, be sure to utilize a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot, and to water thoroughly but infrequently, allowing the soil to completely dry out in between drinks.

Hardy only to Zone 10, ‘Mexican Firecracker’ must be shielded from frost during the winter months. As the warmer growing season returns each year, expect to see clusters of yellow blooms rise above the rosettes, adding yet another layer of texture to this intriguing variety.

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