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Echeveria minima


With each petite rosette reaching only 1.5 inches across, Echeveria minima is an adorable addition to any succulent collection. The dusty blue leaves, accented with hot pink tips, are packed so closely together that only the top half of each leaf is even visible, and a coating of farina gives the plant an iridescent glow. With a tightly clustered growth habit, as the plant matures and produces offsets you will be rewarded with a dense mat of foliage, from which flower stalks bearing yellow blooms with salmon pink bases will emerge in the late spring.

Like most varieties of the same genus, Echeveria minima requires bright sunlight, in order to prevent its rosettes from etiolating, or stretching, and to encourage the bright pink tips to deepen in tone. Plant this variety in a porous soil mix in a well-draining pot, and water according to the ‘soak and dry’ method. Take care to never water directly into the rosette, to avoid rot, and make sure to gently remove any shriveled older leaves from the underside of the rosettes, to avoid creating a desirable habitat for pests.

Though Echeveria minima can be moved outdoors during the summer months, to increase its sunlight exposure, it is not hardy below Zone 9, and must be brought back indoors during the cooler winter months to protect from frost damage


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