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Echeveria 'Galaxy Blue' PPAF


The incredibly smooth, spoon-shaped leaves of Echeveria ‘Galaxy Blue’ do indeed appear otherworldly, the blue leaves topped with undulating pink tips appearing to glow when the plant is viewed from overhead. Furthermore, the newer growth towards the center of the rosette will often sport hints of lime green, while the older leaves towards the bottom of the rosette may include hints of violet – making for a truly stunning specimen from any angle!

Bright light is the key to ‘Galaxy Blue’s intense color palette, so be sure to place this variety in a sunny west or south facing windowsill for the best chance at success. Like all succulents, this plant does not like ‘wet feet,’ and as such requires a very porous soil medium within a well-draining pot. Ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface will work to further ward off issues with dampness and excess moisture, and thorough but infrequent watering will take you the rest of the way.

Take care to shield the dense leaves from frosty temperatures below Zone 10 – and as the weather warms in the spring, you will be rewarded with a display of bright yellow, bell shaped blooms!

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