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Echeveria 'Colorshift' PPAF


Echeveria 'Colorshift' PPAF, a vibrant, patented hybrid features leaves in variable shades of blue, green, silvery violet, rosy pink, and rich purple – all of which will shine even brighter in direct sunlight! The well-formed rosettes can reach up to 10 inches wide and are edged in bright coral pink, further enriching the color scheme of each leaf and lending the succulent an almost glowing aesthetic. Hardy to Zone 10, ‘Colorshift’ can thrive either indoors or right in the landscape, in temperate climates.

To maintain the bright coloration and compact growth habit of ‘Colorshift,’ be sure to provide it with plenty of very bright light – though it may appreciate some shelter from the hottest of the afternoon sun. Like all Echeveria, it can be prone to rot in damp conditions, so be sure to plant this variety in porous soil with great drainage, and ensure ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface. Water deeply but infrequently, waiting until the soil has completely dried through before providing another drink, and take care not to pour the water directly into the rosette.

During the spring months, bright red blooms will emerge from tall, graceful stalks arching above each rosette.

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