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Echeveria 'Blue Atoll'


A mesmerizing rosette-shaped succulent with leaves ranging in color from sky blue to lime green, a dusting of powdery farina lends Echeveria ‘Blue Atoll’ an almost surreal appearance. Care must be taken, however, to avoid marring the farina with the oils from your fingerprints! With an almost lotus-like growth habit, this variety can reach up to 10 inches wide, making it a great centerpiece for any succulent container, arrangement, or rock garden (in temperate climates above Zone 10).

Like most Echeveria, this native of Mexico requires bright sun in order to maintain its beautiful blue coloring and its compact rosette shape. With average water requirements for a succulent, ‘Blue Atoll’ will thrive when watered in accordance with the ‘soak and dry’ method, taking care to water the soil directly so as not to trap moisture between the leaves. Porous soil within a well-draining pot, as well as excellent airflow around the leaves, will help protect the plant from rot or pests, such as mealy bugs.

When provided with the right growing conditions, ‘Blue Atoll’ will send up a tall stalk laden with small, bell-shaped yellow-orange blooms in the spring months. A tendency to offset freely will also ensure plenty of opportunities to propagate as this stunning plant matures.

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