Echeveria 'Black Knight'


This incredibly darkly hued Echeveria 'Black Knight' forms symmetrical rosettes of blackish purple leaves that reach upward, forming a lotus-like shape. The fleshy leaves end in precise points at the tips, which are further accentuated by a single bright pink spike.  In the very center of the rosette, where the new leaves are formed, there is a bright lime green glow, which the leaves will lose as they mature and transition to the variety’s characteristically deep color.  Between the uniquely shaped rosettes and the jaw-dropping coloration, ‘Black Knight’ often appears to be almost unreal, and certainly warrants a closer look!

Reaching up to 5 inches wide, this variety can thrive either indoors or outdoors above Zone 10 – but no matter its location, it must receive plenty of bright sunlight in order to retain its coloration and compact growth form. Despite its exotic appearance, ‘Black Knight’ otherwise requires very simple care, including a porous soil mixture, a pot with excellent drainage, thorough but infrequent watering, and ample airflow around the leaves.

In exchange for meeting these requirements, ‘Black Knight’ will reward you with months-long displays of coral red flowers, which rise above the rosettes on slender green stems. The contrast between the bright blooms and the dark foliage is truly striking, and is certain to add a unique element to even the most comprehensive succulent collection.