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Crassula ovata undulata 'Wave Jade'


With lime green leaves, red margins, and a wavy, undulating growth form, there is no mistaking a Crassula ovata undulata 'Wave Jade'! Reaching a mature height of up to 4 feet tall and wide, this variety is stunning on its own, but also makes an excellent ‘filler’ plant in succulent arrangements, given its unique aesthetic and bushy growth habit.

This variety prefers bright light conditions, and will reward you for abiding its preference by deepening the red along its margins and sending up white blooms in the spring months! With typical water needs for a succulent, the ‘soak and dry’ method of watering will work well, as will a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot. Ample airflow will also help to ward off the possibility of rot or pests. Hardy only to Zone 9, ‘Wave Jade’ must be protected from frost during the colder months.

Further, it is worth noting that the leaves of this variety can cause mild reactions both topically and if ingested, so it is best to keep this plant out of reach of animals or small children.

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