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Crassula argentea variegata 'Money Tree'


Crassula argentea variegata 'Money Tree', a variegated jade plant, features oblong green and cream leaves, accented by a pop of magenta around the margins! This branching shrub is native to the rocky slopes of South Africa and Mozambique, and a fully mature ‘Money Tree’ can reach up to 8 feet wide – an incredible size for a succulent! Plants grown indoors, however, are easily size controlled, and can make a great specimen plant or an eye-catching addition to an arrangement.

Like many Crassula, ‘Money Tree’ is a rather forgiving plant to care for. A porous soil mix, bright light, and infrequent but thorough watering will have you well on your way towards a healthy and thriving succulent! Indeed, the leaves of this variety are quite ‘talkative,’ and will begin to shrivel when a good drink of water is needed.

During the winter months, expect a contented ‘Money Tree’ to produce clusters of white, star-shaped blooms. Additionally, be sure to keep this variety away from curious pets and children, as its leaves can cause minor skin irritation upon contact, or nausea if ingested.

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