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Agave isthmensis 'Ohi Raijin Shiro Nakafu'


Agave isthmensis 'Ohi Raijin Shiro Nakafu', a stunning and rare miniature variety, also known as 'White-Centered Thunder Queen' or ‘Variegated Dwarf Butterfly,’ will reach a mature size of only 4 inches across. The leaves, which often sport natural growth scarring near the tips, are a rich blue-green with cream variegation, in a pattern resembling paints that have been gently swirled together. What it lacks in size this succulent more than makes up for in visual drama, and it is sure to make a great focal point in any succulent collection.

Despite its rarity, ‘Ohi Raijin Shiro Nakafu’ is not a difficult plant to care for. Bright sunlight, porous soil, and a well-draining pot are the key requirements for success with this variety, as is thorough but infrequent watering. Further, it is important to protect this variety from frost during the winter months, as it is not cold hardy below freezing.

Adding to the uniqueness of ‘Ohi Raijin Shiro Nakafu’ is the fact that it produces pups from its leaf axils rather than from underground runners, giving the appearance that the pups are emerging from within the parent plant itself!

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