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Gasteria aristata


Unlike some Gasteria, this variety does form star-shaped rosettes replete with deep green, sharply triangular, and very firm leaves. The surface and margins of each leaf are dotted with prickly white teeth, which lend Gasteria aristataa charming yet fearsome aesthetic. Perfect for beginners, this low maintenance succulent is the ideal solution for more dimly lit indoor spaces, as its light requirements allow it to tolerate lightly shaded conditions with far more success than most varieties.

Indirect light or afternoon shade are both acceptable conditions to Gasteria aristata,setting it apart from many other succulent types. That said, its water requirements are non-negotiable, as overwatering will predispose the plant to rot. To avoid this fate, be sure to provide a porous soil mix within a well-draining pot, ensure ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface, and follow a thorough but infrequent watering routine.

During the winter months, be sure to shield the thick leaves of Gasteria aristatafrom freezing temperatures to avoid permanent damage.

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