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Hatiora salicornioides 'Dancing Bones'


With a bushy growth form, the slender and multitudinous stems of Hatiora salicornioides ‘Dancing Bones’ are a rich green color, with small white areoles emerging at regular intervals – though the newest growth can appear more lime green in hue, deepening with age. The articulated growth habit of the stems truly does resemble how bones connect within the body, lending this unique plant its name and making it a standout addition to even the most comprehensive succulent collection.

Growing as epiphytes in their native Brazil, these plants cannot thrive in a dense soil – so be sure to provide a porous substrate within a well-draining pot, to avoid issues with rot or pests. Water thoroughly but infrequently, reducing the routine even further for a month or two after ‘Dancing Bones’ has flowered, to allow for a brief dormancy period. Indirect sunlight works best for this plant, so as to mimic its rainforest habitat, though exposure to morning or late evening sun will not cause harm and may even encourage more ample blooming.

Yellow blooms will emerge from the tips of the stems during the spring – though occasionally, a contented ‘Dancing Bones’ will produce flowers twice per year! During the coldest months, take care to shield this South American specimen from freezing temperatures, to avoid permanent damage to its copious stems.

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