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Corpuscularia lehmannii


Corpuscularia lehmannii, also known by the common name ‘Ice Plant’ (though it is not, in fact, cold hardy), is a unique variety that sports thick, angular, icy blue/green leaves that appear to “stack” up the stems. Some suggest that the common name comes not only from the plant’s coloration, but also from the leaf shape, which can resemble that of an ice cube! This beginner-friendly variety can reach up to 8 inches tall and 12 inches wide, forming a mat of lightly draping foliage perfect for a container, a rock garden, or even a hanging succulent arrangement.

In its native South Africa, this plant thrives in bright light, rooting within the sandy substrate between the crevices of rock outcroppings, and thus requires a very porous soil, such as a cacti mix supplemented with pumice or perlite. With a long taproot, ‘Ice Plant’ also requires a deeper pot with excellent drainage – and, as this taproot confers the plant with superior drought-resistance, plan to water thoroughly but sparingly, waiting until the soil has had a chance to completely dry out before providing the plant with another drink. 

In the springtime, a healthy ‘Ice Plant’ will send up yellow, daisy-like blooms that will open in the morning and senesce by nightfall.

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