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Echeveria pulidonis


The especially pretty, sea-foam green leaves of Echeveria pulidonis form semi-compact rosettes. In bright sunlight and cooler temperatures, each will be tipped in a line of pinkish-red, providing the perfect contrasting pop of color.  With each rosette reaching up to 5" in diameter, this readily offsetting succulent makes an ideal addition to any arrangement or rock garden – especially when paired with pastel colored varieties!

Like all Echeveria, this variety requires plenty of bright light to maintain its vibrant coloration and compact growth form. Beyond this, its needs are simple – ample airflow, porous soil with great drainage, and thorough watering only when the soil is completely dry will have you well on your way to a happy, healthy plant. Be sure not to pour water directly into the rosette, where it may become trapped and cause rot. Furthermore, you must protect these dense and chubby leaves from frost during the winter months, lest they suffer from permanent scarring.

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