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Astrophytum ornatum 'Star Cactus'


This dark green, columnar cactus is characterized by deep ribs that form a spiral around the center point, giving Astrophytum ornatum 'Star Cactus' the appearance of a starburst when viewed from above. Accented by numerous golden spines and silvery scales, ‘Star Cactus’ makes a unique, almost ethereal, addition to any succulent collection! Reaching several feet tall at maturity, this plant is a very slow grower, making it well suited to smaller (but still very bright) spaces.

Like most cacti, this variety does not appreciate dampness or excess moisture. As a result, be sure to plant ‘Star Cactus’ in an extremely well draining pot and soil mixture, such as a succulent mix amended with additional pumice, perlite, or course sand. Water thoroughly but infrequently, in accordance with the ‘soak and dry’ method, and ensure plenty of airflow across the soil surface to help ward off potential rot. Bright light is a must to encourage even growth, and to allow the plant to send up soft yellow blooms, with canary yellow throats, during the summer months!

Temperate and dry winter conditions are vital for ‘Star Cactus’s’ success, so take extra care not to over water and to protect the stem from frost.

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