Farina & Epicuticular Wax on Succulents
Epicuticular wax or farina is a coating of wax that forms a white or blueish silver film on the leaves of succulents.   It is found on the stems, leaves and fruit of all different types of plants but it's most prevalent on succulents like...
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All About Watering Succulents
When I was first introduced to succulents, I was intrigued by the idea that they were impossible to kill. People were always saying that they were a very low maintenance plant and that they loved neglect. Hmm...
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All About Mealybugs
There’s a running joke between my husband and I that the first thing I tell someone after admiring the succulents in their home is, “oh, yup, you have mealybugs.” How embarrassing! Really though, it comes from a good place. I wan...
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