Learning how to water succulents is something that will be perfected over time, but general rules apply that are good to know as a novice succulent owner. Keep these things in mind when watering your succulents, and adjust according to what is or is not working for you.

1. Succulents rot easily. No matter the type of succulent, never allow them to sit in pools of water. Remove excess water from saucers, don't let a lot of water collect on leaves, don't let leaves rest on top of wet soil, and don't let the roots drown in planters with no drainage.

Overwatered Succulent Leaves

These leaves had pools of water resting on them repeatedly for long periods of time. They're flattened and mushy as a result AKA overwatered.

2. They'll survive long periods of drought, but won't likely thrive in long periods of drought. Some succulents like to be watered more often than others, anywhere from a few times a week to once every two weeks. Generally, only water a succulent when the soil is dry all the way through, then give it a good soak (and drain).

3. Most succulents are dormant in the winter. Spring and summer months are when most grow and flower, which requires more water. In dormant months (usually winter), water can be lethal to succulents. Watering needs to be cut way back in dormant months, even eliminated in some instances. Be sure you're aware of your succulent's dormant months by doing a little research and water accordingly.

4. They'll tell you when they're getting too much or not enough water. When succulents are getting too much water, their leaves start to look like shriveled fingers that have been in the jacuzzi too long. If overwatering continues, leaves will often turn brown as they rot completely then begin to fall off.

When succulents aren't getting enough water, they often develop dry, brown spots on their leaves. Fleshier leaves will also look and feel much more brittle and dry than usual, as the plants begin to shrivel up. Try touching the leaves if they're looking wrinkly. It'll help you decide whether they're over or under watered. Overwatered leaves will feel mushy, while under watered leaves will be much stiffer and harder.

under watering succulents
under watering succulents



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