Succulent Terrarium Gardens

Succulent Terrarium Gardens

Succulent terrariums are the perfect way to bring your succulents indoors as home decor. There are so many different types of succulents, planters, and layers of soil you can use to tailor your terrarium to your taste, but we'll keep it basic for the purpose of this tutorial. Use the simple guide below to make your first DIY succulent terrarium garden:

You'll need:

succulent terrarium finished

  • Succulents
  • Small Rocks or Pebbles
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Moss
  • Cactus/Succulent Potting Soil
  • Terrarium Planter
All of this can be purchased as a DIY Succulent Terrarium Kit!

DIY Succulent Terrarium Steps:

1. Fill the bottom of the planter with your rocks or pebbles. You'll want to fill it about an 1/8 of the way full. Since terrariums do not typically have drainage holes, rocks are used to aid in water drainage. The helps to eliminate root rot that would most likely occur in the event of overwatering.

2. Add about an inch of activated charcoal. This is an optional step, but some people like to add activated charcoal to absorb toxins and eliminate potential odor. Activated charcoal is also known to stimulate growth, so if you use it, make sure your terrarium is large enough to allow for the growth of your succulents.

3. Add a sheet of dead moss on the top of the activated charcoal. This step is also optional. The moss will act as a filter and help to keep the potting soil from falling down to the bottom of the planter. Dead moss should not be used on top of the soil or for aesthetic purposes.

4. Add several inches of pre-mixed succulent soil to the planter. Leave enough space from the top to add your succulents as well as a final layer.

5. Wet the soil, but do not drown it.

6. Plant your succulents where you prefer, then stabilize them with extra potting soil. Be sure that the succulents are spaced far enough apart and close enough to the opening that they receive adequate airflow. 

succulent terrarium
succulent terrarium

7. Add a layer of sand or decorative rocks to the top. This top layer will actually help to reduce the humidity that the terrarium retains.

8. Enjoy your new succulent terrarium! Make sure your succulents receive enough sunlight, and only water when the soil is completely dry. Do not drown them with water! Water slowly to allow for absorption and to avoid overwatering. 

succulent terrarium
succulent terrarium

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