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July 02, 2015 1 min read

My name is Janneke Luursema, I’m an Amsterdam based photographer fascinated by the beauty of plants in general and succulents in particular. I’d like to share with you the succulents in my home. How are they doing today? It is an unusually hot day in Amsterdam. My succulents are enjoying a spot in the sun. They stay indoors though, because very soon it wil be cold and rainy again.  I’ve planted baby succulents in egg cups, I hope they’ll survive. The jade plant is my largest succulent, some branches are bent because it fell from the windowsill the other day when someone opened the curtains. It is doing fine though. I love it how it’s branches are getting thicker when it gets older. And I especially love how the light touches the plants. Please enjoy my photo journal below! You can  find me on Instagram @still_______ (7x underscore) or on my blog! my succulents-5 my succulents-2my succulents-3my succulents-4my succulents-5my succulents-6my succulents-7my succulents-8my succulents-9my succulents-10my succulents-11my succulents-12my succulents-13Leaf & Clay is all about working together to develop the best succulent blog possible. If you would like to suggest a topic, or even submit an article of your own, please fill out our contact form!

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