5 Different Ways to Decorate with House Plants

5 Different Ways to Decorate with House Plants

1. Hang some Green from your Ceiling

Hanging baskets are one of the most perfect ways to incorporate plants into your home. Most of us have plenty of ceiling space and nothing to fill it in with. Hanging baskets allow us to fill up these barren spaces with beautiful and lively plants. Hanging a basket from your ceiling can be made slightly more interesting by adding more than one basket and dangling them from different heights. If you choose to hang baskets from your ceiling, a good rule of thumb is to hang two or more, as it will add variety and fill up your space more efficiently. Additionally, you can purchase trending and popular macrame hanging baskets to showcase your plants.

2. Add some Color to your Shelves

Everyone has a clunky shelf that tends to be an eye-sore within a space. Why not make your shelf a statement piece by adding some plants? Add plants to an existing shelf or purchase a whole new shelf in order to create a pleasing and natural look within a room. There is no limit as to how many plants you can add to your shelves. So add as many or as little as you want!


Plants on a shelf


3. Close-up empty corners

We all have an empty corner in our home that needs filling. Why not fill it with a plant or multiple plants? If you add a plant to a corner it will add a punch of color to the room. Making an empty space feel complete.


Plants in Corner


4. Step Ladder Shelving

Step Ladder Shelving is trending and is now a common furniture piece in homes across the nation. Add plants to this already-open shelving unit to create a stylish and natural-looking statement piece.


Plant Ladder


5. Frame your Plants

Tired of boring picture frames? Spice up your wall space by framing your plants. Attach perches, shadow boxes, or containers to the wall for plants to sit on. Once attached securely to the wall, decorate with as many or as few plants as you want. This design choice will bring the outdoors indoors, allowing you to escape the isolation of four walls.


Framed plants


Extra Design Tips

  • To take your plant décor game to the next level add light elements to your surrounding design area. String lights or twinkle lights will surely brighten up your decorating space and create an overall calming atmosphere.


  •  Choose a natural color palette. Keep your colors simple by sticking to natural beige, brown, white, and cream tones. By incorporating these color choices into your decorating space you will ensure that your plants are a bright pop of color in your space. 


  • Make sure to pick plants that fit your space. Allocate enough space for your plant so that it has proper room to grow and thrive. For instance, if you choose a hanging vine-like plant allow space for the vines to dangle without interference.


If you keep these designs and tips in mind you will create a perfectly serene and calming space.

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