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Stetsonia coryne 'Toothpick Cactus'


Sturdy, columnar stems in matte shades of dusty blue form the backdrop for Stetsonia coryne ‘Toothpick Cactus’s very long, straight spines in shades of creamy beige to rusty brown, which emerge from fuzzy white areoles. As the plant matures, its tapered shape will become more visible, with the column narrowing towards the base of the stem. In the wild landscapes of Argentina, Boliva, and Paraguay, ‘Toothpick Cactus’ can reach striking heights of over two stories tall – though in the confines of our homes, limiting factors such as light availability and pot size typically keep this slow-growing specimen in the range of 1-2 feet tall.

Though cold hardy only to Zone 10, ‘Toothpick Cactus’ is otherwise quite easy to care for. Bright to direct sunlight, coupled with a thorough yet infrequent watering routine, are the two biggest keys to success. To further insure against issues with rot and excess moisture, be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, and situate this specimen in a location with ample airflow.

During the summer months, a contented ‘Toothpick Cactus’ will send up huge white, funnel shaped blooms that open at nightfall and senesce by morning.

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