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Sempervivum calcareum


With slightly undulating margins, the pointed leaves of Sempervivum calcareum form perfectly concentric, circular rosettes edged in a rich maroon, offset by a dusty blue base hue. Flushing to a more uniformly purple coloration during the chilly winter months, this French native is hardy down to Zone 4 – allowing even cool climate succulent lovers to add a splash of unique color and texture to their outdoor landscapes, where Sempervivum calcareumwill quickly establish a clump of offsets produced via long stalks called ‘stolons.’

Performing best in bright outdoor light, rather than inherently dimmer indoor conditions, Sempervivum calcareumdoes prefer some protection from the harsh afternoon sun during the hottest summer months. More tolerant of soil moisture than many succulents, this variety can endure a degree of overwatering, but would prefer periods of dryness in between drinks. As such, take steps to provide a porous soil mixture with adequate drainage, and embrace a thorough yet infrequent watering routine.

Putting on most of its growth during the spring and summer months, a contented Sempervivum calcareumwill also send up stalks of white blooms, adding to its charm and appeal!

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