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Sedeveria 'Lilac Mist' PPAF


The lotus-like rosettes of Sedeveria ‘Lilac Mist’ feature thick, elongated leaves that arch slightly upward as they circle away from the center in concentric layers. Undulating shades of pastel purple, blue, and green coalesce under a coating of powdery farina, lending this specimen the hazy, misty appearance for which it is named. Most interesting however, is this specimen’s growth habit – as the stems elongate as ‘Lilac Mist’ reaches it mature size, they do not become bare, as with many rosette-shaped succulent varieties. Instead, they retain their leaves up the length of the stem, creating unique ‘towers’ of foliage sure to turn heads in even the most comprehensive succulent collection.

While bright light will ensure the best growth and richest coloration on ‘Lilac Mist,’ its care is otherwise quite simple. To avoid issues with rot, be sure to utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot, and adhere to a thorough yet infrequent watering routine. Ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface will further shield against rot or pests.

Hardy only to Zone 10, be sure to shield ‘Lilac Mist’ from freezing temperatures – and in the spring, your efforts will be rewarded with clusters of yellow blooms atop each stem!

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