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Sedeveria 'Blue Elf'


Sedeveria 'Blue Elf' is a hybrid between Sedum and Echeveria.  The chubby leaves of this rosette-shaped succulent emerge minty green, before deepening to a soft blue tone with pink tips. A thick coating of farina creates the powdery appearance of this succulent – but take care, as this layer can easily be wiped away by the oils in your fingerprints! Further, the pink coloration on the tips of the leaves can be darkened to a warm magenta through moderate amounts of stress, including increased sun exposure and cooler (but not freezing) temperatures. At less than 3 inches tall and wide, this plant makes a great addition to the front of succulent arrangements or rock gardens, though its ready willingness to produce offsets means that it can also hold its own as a specimen plant!

To maintain its coloration and tight rosette shape, this variety prefers bright light. Excellent airflow around the leaves, along with porous soil in a well-draining pot, will help protect the plant from rot or pests, as will avoiding pouring water directly into the rosette. Water thoroughly but infrequently, in keeping with the ‘soak and dry’ method preferred by many succulents.

With the right growing conditions, ‘Blue Elf’ will send up stalks of bright yellow flowers up to several times each year, earning it the nickname of ‘Happy Plant’!

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