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Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace'


 Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace', sometimes referred to as 'String of Rubies', is a fast-growing, trailing succulent.  Its leaves are long and bean-like, growing along a beautiful magenta colored stem.  When in bloom, Othonna capensis produces dainty yellow flowers, similar to a daisy. 

Othonna capensis is a fairly hardy succulent but requires the proper conditions to thrive.  They prefer to be kept relatively dry in a more shaded location, which makes them ideal for indoor gardens. However, cooler temperatures and brighter light will cause them to "blush' and display a more pronounced magenta color, similar to the specimen in the first photo.


USDA Hardiness Zone: 9a-11b (20ºF-50ºF)

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