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Notocactus magnificus 'Balloon Cactus'


Mimicking the shape of a hot air balloon, the aptly named Notocactus magnificus 'Balloon Cactus' features bluish-green, geometrically ribbed, highly defined stems that form dense clusters over time. Its vibrant yellow spines provide a beautiful contrast up each rib of the cactus, and the brilliant yellow flowers that emerge from the apex of the stem during the summer months only serve to amplify this colorful affect.

Unlike many cacti, ‘Balloon Cactus’ prefers bright yet indirect sunlight, which will encourage each stem to reach its full 8-inch height without the threat of sunburn. Like all cacti, this specimen does not like ‘wet feet,’ but will benefit from a consistent routine of thoroughly watering only once the soil has become dry throughout. A porous cactus soil mixture, coupled with a well-draining pot, will further shield ‘Balloon Cactus’ against issues such as rot or pests.

To encourage the most ample blooms, be sure to slightly reduce watering during the winter months, as well as providing ‘Balloon Cactus’ with a cooler dormancy period, in the range of 45-60 degrees. Though it can survive the occasional frost, this variety prefers to be kept above 40 degrees whenever possible

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