Neoporteria multicolor


This rounded cultivar sports moody shades of hunter green and deep purple across its dramatically ribbed stem, which is further accented by dense clusters of recurved, rich tan and plum colored spines emerging from dusty cream areoles. Native to the harsh and rugged landscapes of Chile, Neoporteria multicoloris at risk for depletion within its indigenous regions, due to habitat degradation – making its cultivation as a houseplant a valuable element of this stunning specimen’s preservation for future succulent aficionados. 

To encourage the best possible growth with Neoporteria multicolor,strive to replicate the arid conditions to which it has adapted – bright sunlight and a thorough yet infrequent watering routine will go a long way toward achieving this goal. Entering its active growing season during the heat of the summer, this specimen can be kept even dryer during its period of winter dormancy – when in doubt, don’t water! Furthermore, be sure to provide a porous soil mixture within a well draining pot, as well as ample airflow around the leaves and soil surface, to reduce the risk of rot stemming from excess moisture.

When contented, Neoporteria multicolorcan reach 8 inches in height, with bright magenta blooms opening during the spring and summer months. To help facilitate this growth, be sure to shield this variety from winter frosts, as it is only hardy to Zone 9.