Mangave 'Bloodspot'

Gorgeously lance-shaped, gray leaves form copiously full rosettes spanning up to 15 inches in diameter. What gives Mangave ‘Bloodspot’ its name, however, is the mottled maroon spotting across the leaves, which is further enhanced by the coppery teeth and spines that line the margins. Though it can take several years to bloom, this monocarpic variety will begin to die back after sending up 3-foot tall inflorescences bedecked with brown blooms, allowing any offsets to take over in the parent plant’s stead.

Though incredibly dramatic in appearance, ‘Bloodspot’ is a low maintenance specimen to grow, preferring neglect to excessive coddling. Bright sunlight is key to this variety’s best possible growth, so be sure to select its location accordingly. Beyond this, its needs are quite simple – a porous soil mixture, a well-draining pot, and a thorough yet infrequent watering routine will have you well on your way to success!

Hardy only to Zone 9, ‘Bloodspot’ requires protection from frost during the winter months. Furthermore, be sure to protect curious children and pets from this plant’s sharp spines and sticky sap, which can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

    **Please Note: This plant is not available for wholesale**