Mammillaria wildii cristata

Size: 4"

Forming broad, undulating stems rendered atypical due to a mutation in the apical meristem, or growth center, of the plant, Mammillaria wildii cristatafeatures numerous, bright green ridges coated in a profusion of light tan spines that deepen to a copper hue along the uppermost edges of the stems. The form it takes can vary from a single fan to a twisting mass akin to a coral reef – but what makes this specimen most unique is its freely blooming nature, dotting its highly textural surface with pink blossoms sure to make a statement in any succulent collection.

Despite what its complex appearance may suggest, Mammillaria wildii cristatais a breeze to care for, provided a few simple needs are met. Firstly, this specimen requires plenty of bright light to flourish, so be sure to situate it in a sunny south or west-facing windowsill. Secondly, like many cactus varieties, it does not take well to excess moisture – so be sure to water thoroughly but infrequently, utilizing a porous soil mix within a well draining pot, and taking care not to pour the water directly into the tangled mass of stems where it may become trapped.

Ample airflow will help combat any risk of rot, and it is worth noting that though this variety is generally quite hardy, it is not tolerant of frost – so take steps to shield Mammillaria wildii cristatafrom freezing temperatures.

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