Mammillaria pilcayensis cristata

Size: 4"

Courtesy of a rare mutation impacting the apical meristem, or growth center, of the plant, this crested version of the popular Mammillaria pilcayensis ‘Bristle Brush’ cactus forms flattened, undulating stems that coalesce into a wavy mass, as opposed to the upright columns of its genetically ‘typical’ cousin. Coated in an exceptionally thick layer of creamy white spines, Mammillaria pilcayensis cristataappears almost fuzzy to the touch – though don’t let those prickly spines fool you into actually handling this specimen without appropriate hand protection!

Native to the arid landscapes of Mexico, this slow-growing specimen prefers plenty of bright to direct sunlight, making it well suited to outdoor growing in temperate climates above Zone 9. Like most cacti adapted to life in the desert, Mammillaria pilcayensis cristatadoes not appreciate excess moisture around its stems or roots – so take care to water thoroughly but infrequently, allowing the soil to dry completely through in between drinks. To avoid issues with rot, be sure to water the soil surface directly, rather than pouring directly into the entwined stems, and utilize a porous soil mixture within a well-draining pot.

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