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Mammillaria cristata 'Red Cap'


This rare, crested cultivar hails from Mexico, and features undulating, flattened stems that can resemble anything from a half moon to a cluster of coral. With a bright green base coloration, ‘Red Cap’ is thickly coated in velvety-looking, tan areoles from which deep red spines emerge – thus earning this variety its common name!

While its unique aesthetic may suggest otherwise, ‘Red Cap’ is actually exceptionally easy to care for. This slow-growing specimen will thrive in full sun, in order to best replicate the native conditions to which it is adapted, and is extremely drought tolerant. As a result, be sure to err on the side of under- rather than over-watering, providing a thorough drink only once the soil has completely dried through from the last one. Beyond these basic needs, porous soil, a well-draining pot, and ample airflow are all that ‘Red Cap’ needs to thrive while adding an element of the bizarre to your succulent collection!

While this specimen is relatively hardy, its crested form does require gentler handling, to avoid damaging the broad leaves. Furthermore, be sure to shield ‘Red Cap’ from freezing temperatures during the winter months, to avoid scarring on its thick stem.

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